One of the main missions of the Council of Hungarian Terminology (MaTT) is to build a broad network of experts on Hungarian terminology. MaTT was founded in 2006 as a UNESCO sub-organization. UNESCO has been working for decades to unify international norms and standards, terms, and classifications worldwide. In addition to establishing autonomous international institutes, issuing decisions and recommendations, they encourage the Member States to set up national terminology coordination bodies.

There is a wide variety of activities related to terminology in Hungary, but these activities are mostly isolated from one another. The tasks of MaTT are to support activities, work and research in the field of Hungarian terminology, to collect and disseminate information related to terminology, to build relationships to promote terminology, and to liaise with institutions of the government, economy and public administration.

To achieve this, MaTT makes strategic recommendations to the institutions of the government, economy and public administration; coordinates activities; and joins the networks of international terminology organizations. The members of MaTT are outstanding terminology experts and representatives of institutions and organizations dealing with terminology. Membership is open and MaTT welcomes terminology experts, if supported by the membership, at any time.

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